NSP 080 :  Stridsmenn - Stridsmenn CD

Release date CD: May 15th, 2009

STRIDSMENN is the union between BORGARHOLT & AUSTKRIGAR, two bands formed
by Arnjeir.

BORGARHOLT was formed in winter 2003 in order to pay tribute to Arnjeirs Norwegian
ancestors and to the great art of Norwegian Black Metal. His music, while being deeply
rooted in the traditional Norwegian scene, also shows it's own personality based on
Norwegian folklore and melancholy.

During 2003-2005 BORGARHOLT released three demos, all of which were available in
very limited quantities and only given to friends.

In 2005, AUSTKRIGAR was formed because Arnjeir wanted to compose music that was
somewhat different from BORGARHOLT while at the same time he was working on the
debut album of BORGARHOLT. Thus the AUSTRKRIGAR 3-track demo was created.

Early in 2006, Arnjeir started composing the material that would later become the debut
album of STRIDSMENN. After three years of recording, re-recording and mixing, the
album was finally ready and Arnjeir decided to merge his two projects BORGARHOLT
& AUSTKRIGAR together into one - STRIDSMENN. A decision that had to be made in
order to gain more compositional freedom and reach a higher standard with his art.

Since then, Arnjeir has been recruiting members in order to form STRIDSMENN into
a full band. They are already working on the material for their second album and are
currently sorting out the line-up for possible live shows.

In the meantime, Northern Silence Productions, having been in contact with Arnjeir
since the AUSTKRIGAR-days, are proud to offer the first album of STRIDSMENN to an
eager audience that, without doubt, was missing the spirit of mid-90s Norwegian Black
Metal in most of today's Black Metal releases, especially those from Norway itself. Let it
be known that STRIDSMENN have picked up the blazing torch of true Norwegian Black
Metal that others so carelessly dropped while moving into obscurity. Fans of STRID,
- welcome
another torchbearer!


1. Nattestid
2. Saar
3. Den Sorte Sti
4. Boldvatn
5. Sortsorg Vinters Skjebne
6. Ondskapen Selv
7. Dod

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Reviews: (in Spanish): 8.75/10
(in Spanish): 7.5/10
(in English) (in English): 7/10 (in German): 8.5/10
(in English): 76/100 (in Spanish): 8/10 (in German) (in English) (in English): 4.5/5 (in German & English): 8/10 (in German)