Sketches Of Reality

NSP 048 :  Nae'blis - Sketches Of Reality CD/LP

Release dates
CD: March 30th, 2007
LP: May 16th, 2008

"Sketches Of Reality" is Magnus Wohlfart's strongest and most mature album to date. The four songs
are contemplations about the futility and insignificance of the human existence, the mirror before the face
of the most imperfect species that is crawling on this earth, their thoughts infested with dreams of paradise
in this life and the next, two things that will never come to pass.

CD available as regular version in jewel case and as special edition
in metal case incl. logo patch, ltd to 100 handnumbered copies!

LP available as regular version in black vinyl and as special edition
in clear vinyl, a part of them incl. logo patch.
The special edition w/patch is only available from Northern Silence.


1. Distorted Mind
2. The Curse Of Evolution
3. Sketches Of Reality
4. No Purpose In Life

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Reviews: (in Italian): 9.5/10
(in German): 11/13 (in French): 4/5 (in German): 94/100 (in French) (in German): 8/10 91/100 (in English): 8/10
(in German) (in English): 7.2/10 (in English): 7/10 (in German): 11/13 (in German): 3.5/5 (in English)