Death of Mankind...A Dream

NSP 037 :  Nae'blis/Dominion - Death of Mankind...A Dream CD

Release date: October 6th, 2006

This release features the best material of both bands to date - the strongly limited and long sold out tapes
"Death Of Mankind" (Nae'blis) and "A Dream" (Dominion) including an additional track of each band as bonus.


1. Death of Mankind Pt. I
2. Death of Mankind Pt. II
3. Death of Mankind Pt. III
4. Lost and Forgotten

5. Remnants
6. Final Descent
7. A Dream
8. A Silent Farewell

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Reviews: (in German): 11/13 (in Russian): 7/10
(in German): 5/7
(in German): 89%/61%

FFM Rock
(in German)
Harm Magazine (in English) (in English): 7.5/10 (in English) (in German & English): 8/10