NSP 070 :  Mörker - Höstmakter CD/A5Digi/LP

Release date: July, 25th 2008

After two years of silence Mörker return with another fantastic album of melodic northern Black Metal.
They kept true to their own style but once again improved in aspects of musicianship and songwriting.
Where other bands change style as they go and thus often lose the magic of their early days, Mörker
merely improve their own style to the utmost possible degree while still keeping their trademarks. Fans
of the band will recognize immediately that it can only be Mörker who play but they will also notice that,
along with an excellent production (thanks to the mastering of Necromorbus) the songs themselves have
been arranged even more perfectly than in the past. The album grabs you with the first note and takes
you along to show you the majestic Powers of Autumn ("Höstmakter") in all their primeval beauty.

With their first two releases Mörker gained quite a lot of fans and attention for a band who does not
follow any of today's trends - no suicide, no runes on the cover, not even old master Satan lurking
between the lines, and still they are successful with what they do because the music speaks for itself.
Having witnessed this from the beginning and already knowing the new album by heart I dare say
Mörker will lose not a single one of the old fans with their new album but gain many new ones.

The CD is available as regular version in jewel case and as special edition in A5 Digi, limited to 1000 copies.
The LP comes in gatefold cover with A2 poster and is available as regular version in black vinyl, limited to 300
copies, and as special edition in orange/black splatter vinyl, limited to 200 copies, all handnumbered as usual.
As special gimmick for vinyl collectors with a faible for CDs the first 66 copies of the splatter version come with
a Höstmakter CD as bonus!


1. I Flodens Forsande Brus
2. Segertåg
3. Mitt Arv
4. Dödsångest
5. Dödens Visa
6. Djupa Spår Av Tvivel
7. I Kamp Mellan Liv och Död
8. Undergången
9. Själen Vandrar Sin Egen Väg
10. Falk
11. Höstmakter
12. När Allt Är Över...

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