Turm am Hang

NSP 148 :  Horn - Turm am Hang DigiCD

Release date: January 27th, 2017

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HORN's eighth studio album was inspired by the German folk song „Es ist ein Schnitter“ (17th century), the lansquenets, wars of the past, tribalism and the spirit of masculinity. Stylistically, the songs seamlessly blend in with the Feldpost material (2015) with clean and harsh vocals taking turns in conveying the eight mid-tempo songs solely performed in German. A cover of WHEN BITTER SPRING SLEEPS' brilliant "The sky has not always been this way" is rounding the album off in a perfect way. The artwork, layout and visual concept was carried out by Timon Kokott (facebook.com/TimonKokottArtWork).

The CD will first be released as collectors edition in digipack, limited to 1000 copies.


1. Alles in einem Schnitt 5:12
Turm am Hang 5:09
Verhallend in Landstrichen 5:10
Die mit dem Bogen auf dem Kreuz 4:57
5. Ä(h)renschnitter 5:34
6. Totenräumer 5:33
7. Lanz und Spieß 2:09
8. Bastion, im Seegang tauber Fels 4:43
9. The sky has not always been this way 8:11


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"Kraft und Atmosphäre gehen hier Hand in Hand, sämtliche Tracks sind merklich sorgsam durchdacht und zeugen von einem eigenen Stil, unterscheiden sich aber dennoch in vielen Aspekten voneinander. Wer seinen Black Metal gerne ernst, mit einem gewissen Pagan-Einschlag, aber ohne peinliches Gedudel oder Party-Hymnen mag, darf sich dieses Album und HORN im Allgemeinen auf gar keinen Fall entgehen lassen."
9/10 - www.metal1.info

17/20 - www.spirit-of-metal.com

"As mentioned before, the experience of listening to an album by Horn is beyond unique, connecting you to the pagan and tribal origins of man and embraced all the time by superior metal music. As this is always the main goal of ambient and experimental extreme music, I must say Turm am Hang triumphs brilliantly hands down."

"I'm sure that metal fans can easily understand why this reviewer believes there to be a striking series of superb songs on this album that can each be considered hits. Horn's matchless mind, Nerrath, has built a formidable structure, composed a captivating aesthetic, and etched it into an imposing black metal monolith."
80/100 - www.thepitofthedamned.blogspot.de

"When many bands go out of the way to come up with fresh sounds, Horn utilizes known tropes in a way that is exhilarating and fresh sounding. By this point, the band already has a solid discography to it’s name and the way ‘Turm am Hang’ manages to top its predecessors is very commendable. There is just not enough good things I can say about Horn and this should come as an absolute delight to those who like their black metal to sound medieval with a good balance of atmosphere and folk melodies."