Mieli Maassa

NSP 059 :  Häive - Mieli Maassa CD/LP

Release date CD: December 7th, 2007
Release date LP: January 2009
Release date LP-reissue: January 2018

After Häive received considerable praise for their earlier efforts, especially the reissue of the 3rd demo on the split cd
together with their compatriots Wyrd and Kehrä, it is now time to show the full potential of this fantastic Finnish band.

Deeply rooted in the nature and traditions of his native homeland, mastermind Varjosielu created a wonderful fusion of
wistful and melancholic Folk with Finnish Black Metal, combining the classic Metal weaponry with folk instruments such
as a self-made 10-string Kantele or mouth-harp. The result is a perfect symbiosis of aforementioned styles which might
appeal to fans of other Finnish acts such as October Falls or Tenhi but can hardly be compared to any band in particular.

The CD comes as regular version in jewel case and as special edition in metal
case incuding an embroidered patch, limited to 100 handnumbered copies!

The 1st edition of the LP came in deluxe gatefold jacket, on red vinyl, limited to 260 copies.

January 2018:
In the wake of the recently released new album and exactly 9 years after the first LP release,
we decided to make
the long sold-out debut LP available again, in a very limited one-time reissue.
Like the first edition, it comes in gatefold cover, this time on yellow vinyl, and is limited to 250 copies.


1. raina
2. raina: Virvatuli - Metsänpeittoon
3. raina: Metsäläinen
4. raina: Yömyrsky
5. raina: Takaisin Koskemattomaan Metsään
6. raina: Kurjat Kurjet

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www.metalzone.it (in Italian): 85/100
Mørkeskye #12
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Mørkeskye #12