Saimaata ei sanoilla selitä

NSP 086 :  Häive - Saimaata ei sanoilla selitä MCD

Release date: February 26th, 2010

These purely instrumental songs, featuring mastermind Varjosielu on electric & acoustic guitars, bass, drums,
7, 9 & 10 string kanteles, flutes, mouth harp, pedal harmonium, jingler & melodica, are inspired by & dedicated
to the Finnish Lakeland, particularly to the vast and diverse Lake Saimaa which spans across eastern Finland.
Saimaata ei sanoilla selitä - Saimaa can't be explained by words.


1. I
2. II
3. III

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www.lordsofmetal.nl (in English): 80/100
www.metalglory.de (in German)
www.nocturnalhall.com (in German): 8.5/10

www.schwermetall.ch (in German): 12/13
www.taakefrost.de (in German): 8/10

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