Gateway to Selfdestruction
Death, My Salvation

NSP 144 :  Gateway to Selfdestruction - Death, My Salvation DigiCD/LP

Release date CD & Shirts: November 11th, 2016
Release date LP: tba

"Death, My Salvation" Album TS

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Gateway to Selfdestruction
are one of the most promising Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal newcomers from
The band was formed in 2013 and played numerous successful live gigs (one of them the unforgettable
goosebumps-in-50°C-heat on the tent stage at In Flammen Open Air 2015)
before signing a record deal with
Northern Silence
in early 2016.

Their debut album “Death, My Salvation”, which was recorded, mixed and mastered in July 2016 by one of
leading Black Metal producers, Patrick W. Engel (Temple of Disharmony), shows influences ranging
from old
Katatonia (primarily the “Brave Murder Day”-era) to more contemporary acts such as Shining, Woods
of Desolation, Ghost Brigade or Antimatter. The lyrics describe the moment when one decides whether
to live
to die as well as the history behind such a decision and its aftermath.

The CD comes as collectors edition in digipack
, limited to 1000 copies.


1. The Blessing (6:51)
2. Black Quiet Death (4:12)
3. Destroyed Self (5:47)
4. Reset (7:16)
5. Silence (6:28)
6. Soziopath (6:03)
7. Rigidity (7:05)
8. Mirrors Of Despair (2:54)





"I’ve mentioned the vocals a fair bit as they do dominate, yet there’s some strong musicianship and compositional skills shown by the whole band, what’s striking is how they all work so well together. The drums vary in pace but keep things moving even during the slower guitar parts, and despite the guitars for the most part being melodic they still fit well with the more extreme vocals, complementing rather than clashing with them. All in all, this is a mighty debut, and while Gateway To Selfdestruction may wear their influences on their sleeves they have nonetheless created something that sounds fresh and unique. In a nutshell, it covers the whole spectrum between the sort of doomy yet powerful atmospheric metal you hear from 90’s Katatonia and the more extreme, darker, tortured sounds of depressive black metal, it carries all the raw emotion you’d expect from such a sound and most notably it manages to be both melodic and fairly accessible musically while still managing to pack a hefty bite. The album covers a lot of bases, there’s much to enjoy here for fans with a wide variety of tastes, although the harshness in places is likely to repel some as well as attract others. It’s worth giving this one a spin however, it may seem like Gateway To Selfdestruction have appeared from nowhere but Death, My Salvation more than earns them the right to stick around for a long time to come."
8.5/10 -

"Exzellente Arbeit. Als Anspieltipps kann ich euch „The blessing“, „Destroyed self“ und „Silence“ empfehlen. Oder vielleicht doch lieber „Soziopath“, was einen leichten Dark Metal-Touch hat? Mich beispielsweise hat „Rigidity“ endgültig für die Band eingenommen. Das bleibt aber ganz euch überlassen. In jedem Fall haben wir es mit einem richtig starken Album zu tun. Ich für meinen Teil bin froh, eine weitere Band entdeckt zu haben, die richtig viel Potenzial für die Zukunft mitbringt."

"Merging elements of atmospheric black metal with Katatonia-esque riffing make for interesting bedfellows on Death, My Salvation. A good mix of the emotions, moving from more aggressive black metal sections with anguished screams to the more melodic and melancholic. The Katatonia-inspired riffing gives a more rock-ish feel (think more Discouraged Ones/Brave Murder Day than newer material) at times, such as on “Soziopath” but doesn’t alter the mood of the album from its blackened aspirations. Plenty of bleak melodies to sink your teeth into – a strong debut and a band to watch."

"Mit “Death, My Salvation“ legt uns das sächsische Quintett gleich als erstes Lebenszeichen ihr Debüt-Album vor und ballert uns damit ein mächtiges Geschoß um die Ohren: Die Instrumental-Fraktion versteht ihr Handwerk und bildet mit sägenden Riffs, treibenden Drums sowie abwechslungsreichem Songaufbau das ideale Fundament für Sängerin Mara und ihre Texte, die sie machtvoll herausschreit und dabei so manchen männlichen Keif-Sänger alt aussehen läßt. [...] die Mugge von GTSD versprüht jede Menge Verzweiflung, Unbehagen und Melancholie. [...] alle Anhänger des schwermütigen schwarzen Metalls [sollten] unbedingt mal in das sehr gelungene Debüt reinhören!"

"On their raw, thunderous debut record “Death, My Salvation,” the band spends eight songs walking the line between life and death and whether survival is something to be relished. As a regular event, not after some giant event that leaves disappointment. The music is oddly melodic and surging for work that carves so dangerously at the psyche, but buried within that are vocals that deliver utter turmoil and heaviness that bring black feelings and sorrow."

"Death, My Salvation is a marvelous, embellished and insanely beautiful poetic album, filled with surprises, twists, cold melodies and a fulfilling exhilarating spirit. [...] Sometimes sounding like a rock album after being varnished in a black metal studio, this black metaled rock masterpiece is above everything done in the genre, with no counterpart for a possible comparison. The product of an astounding, lucid, compelling and ingenious limitless creativity, all tracks in Death, My Salvation are filled with an astounding and unique beauty. I wish a very long and successful career to Gateway to Selfdestruction. We certainly need more albums like this one!"

"Death, My Salvation has caught my attention for two reasons: the cohesiveness of music and the emotional range it has at the backbone of the music. This album is the crossbreed between Shining’s emotional, vocal range and Katatonia’s dreary atmosphere. This album shows an incredible emotional spectrum while playing music that seems to enhance that emotional range with harrowing vocals, fast drumming, and soft melodies that are layered underneath the atmosphere the music has constructed. [...] One key note to discuss is the impressive musicianship that seems to accompany the album. The music never wanes or loses its character as the album progresses, only amplifying the vocals that seem to accompany you in those existential moments. [...] This album is a good beginning for cementing the band’s career, and I expect great things to come from this fledgling band."

"Gateway To Selfdestruction may not have invented their own genre, as is all the rage these days, but they have instead opted to settle with a full, well-defined sound and sphere of influences within which they can exercise their considerable songwriting and performative talents. I regard Death, My Salvation among the best black metal releases and debut albums of 2016, and you should, too."
8.2 -

"I must say that I have never heard such incredible, atmospheric, yet melodic Black Metal in my life; even though the sound was focused mostly on the “depressive” elements of Black Metal. The band’s debut album - which came out at the very end of 2016 - entitled “Death, My Salvation” consists of 8 tracks of pure modern, original, jaw dropping, blood chilling and pleasant Black Metal. [...]  I must say, this is why I do what I do, this is why I listen to what I listen. It’s bands like these, which regenerate that spark inside you, and it’s just a pleasantly un-describe-able feeling. Keep it up guys! I loved your music."
10/10 -

"Death, My Salvation" não traz nada de novo mas o seu entusiasmo (ou pelo menos entusiasmo com que nos deixa faz com que fiquemos irremediavelmente apaixonados por ele tal como ficámos no passado com outras obras semelhantes, essas um pouco mais revolucionárias ("Brave Murder Day" dos Katatonia ou "Livets Ändhållplats" dos Shinning, apenas para citar dois exemplos). Não sabemos se a banda fará alguma metamorfose tal como os dois exemplos atrás mencionados, mas aqui, e para já, têm um trabalho muito sólido dentro do campo difícil do black metal depressivo."
9/10 -

"Aussergwöhnlich an Gateway to Selfdestruction ist nicht die Musik. Diese ist solide im Stile alter Katatonia, Woods of Desolation oder Shining gehalten. Solide heisst in diesem Zusammenhang, dass Gateway to Selfdestruction sowohl songschreiberisch, als auch stimmungsmässig mit der Oberliga des depressiven Black Metals mithalten können. Für ein Debutwerk gelingt dem deutschen Quartett eine erstaunliche Tiefe, eine beständige Abwechslung und eine Melancholie, die nicht selbstverständlich ist."
10/13 -