Il était une forêt

NSP 081 :  Gris - Il était une forêt DLP

Release date: August 21st, 2009
(Licensed from Sepulchral Productions)

June 15th, 2018
(on 111x crystal clear and 222x bone white vinyl, otherwise similar to the first press but now also incl. an A2 poster)

The long awaited vinyl release of "Il était une forêt", considered by many fans one of the best depressive Black Metal
releases ever, comes with beautiful packaging that does credit to the band's brilliant art, both musically and visually.

The Gatefold jacket is made of thick 350g cardboard, the printed inner sleeves of 280g board including lyrics & album info.
Also included is an 8-page art booklet featuring a painting for each song, same as in the CD booklet but on a much larger
scale and with no writings besides the title of each painting.
The two different band logos which have been created for this album are included as weatherproof, transparent stickers of
roughly 4" x 4" (10 cm x 10 cm) size.
The heavy 180g vinyls are available in four limited & handnumbered editions of  different colours, all with a large etched
sigil on side D.

Gold Edition, ltd. 111
Silver Edition, ltd. 222
Fool's Gold Edition, ltd. 333
Bloodwood Edition, ltd. 333

The gold vinyl is only available in the Die Hard edition which furthermore includes the following:

A T-shirt with 2-sided print featuring the album cover in classic black/white + silver logo & title
on front and a silver sigil print on back.

front                                                                                 back

An embroidered logo patch in the shape of the logo, which is shown dark red on black ground.


A black cotton bag which bears the band logo printed in silver & gold and houses the Die Hard.

Silver & gold logo print on the cotton bag


1. Il était une forêt...
2. Le gala des gens heureux
3. Cicatrice
4. Veux-tu danser?
5. Profonde Misanthropie
6. La dryade

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