Ancient Sorrow

NSP 058 :  Fen - Ancient Sorrow MCD/12"MLP

Release dates:
MCD: October 5th, 2007
MLP: May 16th, 2008

In early 2006, Grungyn, Theutus and The Watcher came together to form a musical project inspired by the bleak, esoteric landscapes of Eastern England. By blending aspects of Black Metal, Progressive Rock, Folk and Ambient, the three musicians sought to express loss, sorrow, exaltation and a sense of ancient pride through the music – thus Fen was born. The three began work on crafting material and in the Summer of that year the band entered the studio and recorded the material that would make up the ‘Ancient Sorrow’ EP - three songs of almost 30 minutes playing time. The music itself could be described as dark, atmospheric Black Metal with some Post Rock and Doom influences and would be most appealing to fans of early Agalloch and Primordial as well as Alcest and Amesoeurs.

1. Desolation Embraced
2. The Gales Scream Of Loss
3. Under The Endless Sky

Offical Homepage: www.myspace.com/fenband


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(in uh..Spanish?): 7/7
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