Emyn Muil
Túrin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga

NSP 123 :  Emyn Muil - Túrin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga DigiCD

Release dates:
CD: February 14th, 2014
LP: January 2018

"Túrin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga" ("Túrin Turambar, the slayer of Glaurung") is the debut album of the Italian solo-project EMYN MUIL.

The project had already gathered a little fan base when it appeared totally out of nowhere on our radar, because CALADAN BROOD, who have raised the level of greatness in Epic Black Metal to impossible heights with their debut and are quickly becoming our most successful band, are planning a split album with EMYN MUIL, to be released later in 2014.

Since the music is quite similar - both bands play slightly different kinds of Epic Black Metal in the SUMMONING-vein, with EMYN MUIL leaning more towards ambient sounds where C.B. focus more on Black Metal - and EMYN MUIL's songs even deal with contents from the Tolkien-universe, it was natural for us to help the band gain a bigger fan base before we release the split, by reissuing "Túrin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga", which had previously been self-released in a very small quantity.

Another band that comes to mind when listening to EMYN MUIL is ELFFOR, and since Eöl's project is also one of our faves, with several successful re-releases under the banner of Northern Silence, we think it is a given that fans who enjoy the releases of SUMMONING, CALADAN BROOD, ELFFOR and perhaps WINDIR (another one of EMYN MUIL's main influences) need to get hold of EMYN MUIL's debut, too.

The 1st press of the CD comes in 8-page digipack and golden disc, and is limited to 900 copies.

The LP comes with printed innersleeve, in three different editions:

99x black vinyl
99x gold vinyl
303x red vinyl


1. Túrin Son Of Húrin 6:13
2. Aure Entuluva 4:43
3. Arise In Gondolin 3:32
4. Mîm’s Betrayal 2:34
5. Dark Riots From Angband 4:21
6. Gurthang 3:58
7. Path Of The Doomed 6:00
8. The Sack Of Nargothrond 3:32
9. Death Of Glaurung 5:49
10. Hail To The Black Sword 9:35


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"Il black metal di stampo epico-medievaleggiante forgiato da Saverio con strumenti veri e sintetici, particolarmente incentrato su una valida programmazione delle percussioni e riconoscibili melodie, scarta abilmente l'effetto artificioso proprio delle produzioni computerizzate grazie a una precisa scelta di coloriture tonali che arricchiscono i brani senza suonare posticce. [...] E così, pur immerso in suggestive atmosfere fantasy, il vero punto di forza di "Túrin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga" è il suo rimanere, nell'ossatura, un'ottima raccolta di canzoni black metal che emozionano anche estrapolate dal contesto narrativo."

"Musically though this is a living beast, an evolving changing undulating mass or soaring melodies, dark vibes and cold tones. Better yet this is a gripping saga of an album and made even better by the fact that it’s a debut album! Great work!"
(8.5/10 - www.destructive-music.com)

"It's actually quite stunning how Emyn Muil cleverly follows the path of his masters and once again, it's up to you to give a clap to Túrin turambar dagnir glaurunga for its quality or to blame it for its obvious influences. Call it lack of creativity if you want, it probably is in terms of musical genre, but definitely not in terms of songwriting. And seriously, if you enjoyed what was good and faded away with years, why not following what successfully rose from its ashes? Túrin turambar dagnir glaurunga is great in itself and as such, deserves the associated praise."
(Ethereal Soundscapes)

"...there’s far and few albums or bands which pay direct heed to Tolkien’s ideas and spirit in such an effective and sincere manner as Emyn Muil have done on their début album Túrin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga. [...] The band describes their music as “epic black metal”, and the title is not unwarranted, with songs evoking powerful martial atmospheres, the sounds of battle and eagles overhead, swords clashing, and armies rising. There is influence here from the likes of Summoning (a strongly Tolkien-influenced black metal band) and Windir. The strongest possible influence I hear may be Fenriz’s short-lived solo folk black metal project Isengard (again with direct influences from Tolkien), with sounds of wizened men calling, folk chanting, tribal drums, and goblins growling. [...] Part of the reason Emyn Muil evokes Tolkien’s material so effectively is by using a large palette of sounds to produce the various characters, sides, atmospheres and situations of the Lord of the Rings mythos. There are flutes, horns, and fuzzy powerful guitar riffs reminiscent of Burzum (again, Tolkien influenced – “Burzum” means “Darkness” in the black speech of Mordor), pounding blast-beat drumming typical of black metal, bird calls as musical notes, and more. The sounds in this album are like a series of exotic spices on a well-prepared dish. [...] Other black metal bands making any material in 2013 already have a high standard to attempt to overcome, and only time will tell if they are up to the challenge set by this fantastic album."
(5/5 - www.heathenharvest.org)

"The album depended on the sound of the windy instruments to create an epic atmosphere behind the wall of distorted guitars, and some strings sections appear from time to time to fill the whole structure with more entertaining atmosphere. [...] the fans of Summoning and Kinstrife & Blood will get surprised by the heavy influences of this music. [...] Every single track in this record can be a soundtrack for the stories of Tolkien's Middle-earth, because the atmosphere that Saverio Giove has managed to create in this album is deeply inspired. [...] Many people will enjoy the sound of this album specially the fans of Summoning...""
(8.4/10 - www.jorzine.com)

"Die Melodien greifen schnell, und die Songs fließen mit einer Selbstverständlichkeit aus den Boxen, die staunen lässt. Obwohl der Stil bereits ausgereizt ist, sprüht die Langrille von Authentizität, die man als Fan der Vorbilder oder des Tolkien-Universums gehört haben sollte. Schwarzmetallische Wurzeln erstrecken sich durch dichte Soundteppiche, die zwischen Aggression, Erhabenheit und Gänsehaut mühelos bestehen. [...] Die Plattenfirma plant eine Split mit Caladan Brood, die ein episches Fest werden dürfte. Das Rad wurde hier nicht neu erfunden, aber perfekt gedreht. Ein Debüt, das man sich unbedingt gönnen sollte!"
(12/15 - Legacy Mag)

"In ten atmospheric compositions, Nartum manages to create a personal soundtrack in which soaring keyboards, eruptions with scorching black metal screams and classical components reign. Spoken fragments add an epic zest to the entire work, while any bombastic flavours cannot be ignored. Repetitive patterns are included into this cinematic happening, just listen to Mims Betrayal or the sighing soundscapes in Gurthang. The most infectious song is The Sack Of Nargothrond with its exceptional clean vocal parts as new element. The whole album focuses on a kind of soaring compelling momentum, being the true backbone of this creation."
(79/100 - www.lordsofmetal.nl)

"While the lyrics are based on Tolkien's saga, the music stands in the field of symphonic black metal with marvelous and enchanted atmosphere. All those who love Summoning, and alike, should definitely check out the debut full-length of Emyn Muil [...] ''Turin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga'' brings some great tunes and epically melodies in front of us (being more atmospheric, and less bombastic). [...] While we're awaiting for the brand new opus of Summoning Emyn Muil could to delight us with their debut full-length and ease the waiting. Emyn Muil stands for epic, enchanted and symphonic black metal...so you know what to expect."
(8.5/10 - www.metal-sound.net)

"The band is clearly influenced by Summoning’s music, as they admit on their Facebook profile. They play epic melodic fantasy black metal, with a cinematic soundtrack-like atmosphere and a few folk touches. Keyboards is the most important instrument in their compositions, either having the leading role in the melodies, or accompanying the guitars, adding a symphonic “depth” in their sound. Acoustic guitars and some folk instruments make their music even more magical and enchanting. Nartum’s black metal screams, on the other hand, sound quite raw and aggressive, exactly as this genre demands! [...] There are 11 beautiful compositions in the album, 3 of them instrumental, with a total duration over 53 minutes. The more I listen to this album, the more I like it and despite its big duration, time passes very fluently and so enjoyable! [...] This is for sure Nartum’s most ambitious and professional work so far and I totally recommend Emyn Muil to fans of underground epic melodic black metal."
(8.5/10 - www.metalsoundscapes.com)

"Nicht nur Summoning Fans mit einem Hang zu Tolkien werden dieses Werk mit Sicherheit in ihre Hitlisten aufnehmen. Emyn Muil gelingt es ebenso meisterhaft wie den Vorbildern Summoning Black Metal Elemente mit Keyboards zu einem epischen Werk zu verbinden. [...] Emyn Muil bieten eine würdige Umsetzung der Literaturvorlage, die bei Genrefans ganz sicher keine Wünsche offen lässt."

""Túrin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga" [ist] ein Kleinod sondersgleichen, das in seiner konsequenten Weltabgewandheit und introvertierten Schönheit zu glänzen vermag. [...] Die Umsetzung erinnert, wie bereits erwähnt, stark an die Österreicher SUMMONING; ähnlich wie deren Alben entwickelt "Túrin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga" einen Sog, dem ich mich nicht entziehen, in den man sich als Leser von Tolkiens Werken fallen lassen kann und der musikalischen Eskapismus in Reinstform bietet. Natürlich handelt es sich hierbei nicht um Musik für jedermann, doch wer mit SUMMONING, CALADAN BROOD und ähnlich gelagerten Bands und Projekten etwas anfangen kann, wird auch EMYN MUIL rasch in sein Herz schließen und sich von "Túrin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga" verzaubern lassen."
(9/10 - www.powermetal.de)

"This album is a black metal goldmine. With epic song writing, spine chilling vocals and lyrics that talk of contents from the Tolkien-universe, how can this not be a great debut full length? [...] Emyn Muil will be doing a split with Caladan Brood so it would be advised to listen to this release before the split comes out. This album has all the elements of a prestigious ambient black metal album. Listeners of Windir, Summoning, and Caladan Brood will enjoy this majestically written album in their collection."

"Questo dischetto è eccezionale! Nel vero senso del termine perché Emyn Muil ad oggi è il primo ed unico progetto al mondo accostabile senza vergogna ai celeberrimi Summoning e udite udite nasce qui in Italia!!! [...] La qualità della registrazione di 'Turin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga' è sublime e immense sono le idee contenute in esso, lavoro che rappresenta il primo capitolo di una saga appena cominciata in questo 2013, e si candida ad essere tra le più grandi sorprese del panorama epic black metal mondiale. [...] Signori e signori, abbiamo qui oggi, in madre patria un nuovo grande artista, un vero narratore delle terre di mezzo, una gemma brillante che attende solo di essere scoperta; supportiamo questo vanto! Gloria a Emyn Muil!!!"
(90/100 - thepitofthedamned.blogspot.it)

"Fazit: Emyn Muil's Erstlingswerk Túrin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga überzeugt mich ziemlich. Hier finden sich klasse Melodien wieder sowie epische Stücke, rauer und eiskalter Black Metal-Gesang. Und all das, obwohl hieran nur ein einziger Musiker gearbeitet hat. Hammer."
(9.5/10 - www.time-for-metal.eu)