Son Of The Shades

NSP 066 :  Elffor - Son Of The Shades CD

Release date: April, 2008

This is the reissue of Elffor's 2nd album which was originally released on cd in 2002, limited to only 500 copies
and has since become pretty sought after and very hard to track down. On the follow-up to the non-Metal debut
Elffor's Medieval Black Ambient now comes distinctly more metallic, with heavy guitars where formerly reigned
synthesizers unchallenged. This gives the majestic songs with their fantastic middle ages feeling a more powerful
appearance, which often reminds of the mighty Summoning, though mastermind Eöl knows how to effortlessly keep
Elffor's special style throughout the whole album and make it palpable every second of the one hour playing time.

Just as the debut reissue the new version of "Son Of The Shades" comes improved in every fiber - all songs have been
rerecorded/remastered, two brand new bonus tracks have been composed exclusively for this reissue and of course the
cover art and booklet come with completely new, improved design, once again done by Basconian Warrior Igor Mugerza.

Available as regular version for 10 Euro and as Die Hard edition
including t-shirt with exclusive design (ltd. 66) for 25 Euro.

The special edition is only available from Northern Silence.


1. Intro
2. Son Of The Shades
3. ...Of Wolves & Blood
4. Infernal Woods
5. Ravensong
6. The Nocturnal Moon
7. Long Winter Days
8. Unholy Gleam
9. Hidden In The Nebular Landscapes*
10. Endless Dark Flames*
*bonus tracks

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(in Spanish): 9/10
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www.executionerzine.com (in Spanish): 8.5/10
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www.harm.us (in English): 8/10
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Somniorum Webzine (in Hungarian): 8/10
www.stalker.cd (in German): 9/10
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