Into The Dark Forest...

NSP 050 :  Elffor - Into The Dark Forest... CD

Release dates:
CD jewel case (left image) - May 4th, 2007
A5-DigiCD (right image) - November 16th, 2012

I'm proud to announce that Eöl, mastermind and evil spirit behind one of my favourite bands nowadays,
has agreed to re-release all Elffor albums through Northern Silence. Fans of the band know that all 1st
pressings were limited to only 500 copies and sold out everywhere a few months after their release.

So, many people are looking for one or the other album of Elffor and we decided to give them not only the
original releases but favor all of them with exclusive bonus tracks! "Into The Dark Forest" will also feature
a new artwork and improved design, once again embellished by the art of Basconian Warrior Igor Mugerza.

First reissued in 2007 as regular version in jewel case and as special edition in metal case incl. logo patch,
ltd. to 100 handnumbered copies (both sold out).

Due to continuing demand again reissued in 2012 in A5-Digi with new artwork, limited to 666 copies.


1. Intro (Those Dark Battles)
2. Into The Dark Forest...
3. Darkness In The Foggy Mountains
4. Frostfog
5. The Lonely Mountain
6. Under The Northern Icemoon
7. Entrance To The Fog
8. The Threshold Of The Unknown Kingdom*
9. Chaos Reigns...*
*bonus tracks

Offical Homepage:


earshot.at (in German): 5.5/7
metalmessage.de (in German): 9/10
www.pitchline-zine.com (in Spanish): 9/10
(in German)
pullthechain.be (in English)
(in German & English): 7/10