From The Throne Of Hate

NSP 075 :  Elffor - From The Throne Of Hate CD

Release date: November 28th, 2008

"From The Throne Of Hate" marks part III of the Elffor reissue
series and by our reckoning also the highlight thus far. Fans of
the band will love the medieval atmosphere and ambience and
with the further addition of heavy guitars the album once again
gaines and delivers more majestic power than its predecessor.

There can be no doubt that with his 3rd album Eöl created a
true masterpiece which fans of middle age themes, fantasy
stories and epic Black Metal á la Summoning or Kinstrife &
Blood will highly enjoy! As usual the reissue comes rerecorded,
with new, improved artwork and incl. 2 exclusive bonus tracks!


1. Old
2. Rare Woods
3. My Hatefull End
4. Echoes Of The Past
5. Upon The Barbarian Woods
6. Grimmest Winternights
7. The Essence Of Hate
8. Wicked Shadows
9. Misterious Dawn*
10. Ancient Rebirth*
*bonus tracks

Offical Homepage:


www.blackdawn-zine.com (in Spanish): 8/10
www.maelstrom.nu (in English): 7.5/10
www.metal-observer.com (in English): 9/10
www.metalreviews.com (in English): 78/100
www.metal-zone.it (in Italian): 80/100
www.powermetal.de (in German)
www.pullthechain.be (in English)