Linaria Amlech

NSP 030 :  Blodarv - Linaria Amlech CD

Release date: March 23rd, 2006

This release is Hugin's farewell to Linaria Amlech who killed herself in January 2002. It must not be mistaken
as new Blodarv release, however. It is a collection of material surrounding the person Linaria Amlech -
songs written about her, photos, paintings and videos of Linaria, her letters and more. The first three tracks
are the songs from the "Beyond Life" ep, for the first time on cd. Track 4 is a cover of a King Diamond
song from his "The Spider's Lullabye" album. Track 5 is taken from "Murder In The Name Of Satan"
Demo 1999 and track 6 is taken from "Mysteriis" Demo 2001. The video of Linaria has never been released
before and will not be available anywhere else. Both versions are limited and will never be repressed.
When they are sold the story of Linaria ends, at least for us. Farewell Linaria, may your soul never rest...

Available as normal version in jewel case (ltd. 1000) and as
special edition in digipack, ltd to 100 handnumbered copies!

The special edition is only available from Northern Silence.

1. Langt VŠk Fra Livet
2. Death Of Linaria
3. Beyond Life
4. Black Hill Sanityrium*
5. Disgusting Beauty
6. Demonstormens Tid
(* King Diamond cover)

+ Videos:

1. "The Story Of Linaria Amlech" (previously unreleased video clips, photos and words)
2. "Those Who Speaks In Minds" (live recording of a rehearsal gig from 2002)

+ 12 page full colour booklet with lyrics handwritten by Hugin and rare pics & letters of Linaria.

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