Soulcollector..the thousand years tale

NSP 008 :  Blodarv - Soulcollector ..the thousand years tale CD/LP+7"

Release date CD: September 27th, 2004
Release date LP: May 18th, 2005

CD (55 min) incl. 16-page booklet with lyrics and killer artwork!
LP+7" in gatefold sleeve with handwritten lyrics, exclusive bonustrack and A2 poster, ltd. to 500 copies.

Chapter of the Soulcollector
1. Soulcollector
2. Sealed in black with silver stars
3. Beyond life
4. Those who speaks in minds
5. Night terror
Chapter of the thousand years tale
6.Kaldet fra fjeldet
7. Den røde sten
8. Forseglet forevig
9. Nitiria Amlech
10. Langt væk fra livet
11. Empty fucking life
12. The Long Road Of Death (vinyl bonus)

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Black Minds Mag (in English/Russian) 9/10
(in German): 8.5/10
Metalnews (in German): 6/7
Music Extreme (in English)