Nothing Ever Was

NSP 106 :  Augrimmer - Nothing Ever Was DigiCD

Release date: February 3rd, 2012

On the 2nd full length Augrimmer continue where they left off with their phenomenal debut, but
expand on the classic Metal influence in terms of elaborate guitar solos and even the occasional
clean vocals. All in all, the songwriting has become more diverse, which gives the album a slightly
more complex feel and, some would say, a classic 80s breeze drifts through the northern landscape.


1. Shadows
2. Barbarism Rises
3. The Coffin Host
4. The Sad King Of Mankind
5. Heir Of The Black Flame
6. The Voice
7. Azure Doom
8. Harbinger Of The Night
9. The Janus Face

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"The third track, ‘The Coffin Host’ entrances you with gorgeous guitar compositions, broken up by riddled notes, harsh vocals and some death metal inspired riffs. This is defiantly one of my favorite tracks on the album. The way the song has been crafted with such style, flaunting their guitarist’s skills but still remaining raw and dark is a refreshing approach to the usual extreme levels of distortion and down tuning black metal is renowned for. This track proves you can still embody the same emotion and capture the essence of black metal even while stretching the confines of your genera. [...] This band has some serious skill and I look forward to hearing their Augrimmer/ Grave Desecrator split when it’s finally released.  They’re defiantly worth giving a shot if you enjoy Rotting Christ, Lifelover, Taake, Elimi, Storm or similar acts."

"['Nothing Ever Was' is] a kick-ass display that should set up their heathenry for years to come. This band and this record are flat-out awesome, and anyone showering praise on other throwback acts such as In Solitude or Portrait deserve to give Augrimmer their day in the sun as well. Actually, maybe they'd be better off basking in the moonlight."

"Augrimmer haben ihren Stil weiter ausgebaut und sind noch einen Zacken melodischer als auf dem Debüt geworden. Einen zweiten Gitarristen dazu zu holen hat sich gelohnt. Der leichte progressive Charakter einiger Songs ist zwar recht gut ausgefallen, den Bayern stehen aber die brachialen Black Metal Nummern besser zu Gesicht. Fans rohen, kalten Black Metals können hier genauso rein hören wie Fans der melodischen Ausrichtung selbigen Genres und offene Geister, welchen mit beiden und mehr Stilen klarkommen, sollten hiermit sowieso gut bedient sein."

"Abwechslung dominiert das Songwriting und so gibt´s neben sägenden Gitarrenfriffs auch groovige Momente, die von einem Midtempo Schlagzeug (und durchgezogener Double Bass) und Gitarrensoli umrahmt werden. Abrupt wird der Song auch mal unterbrochen, um ein Akustikintermezzo einzubauen, was den Songs einiges an Eingängigkeit verleiht. Der Gesang variiert von kehlig krächzend bis hin zu melancholisch singend und lässt AUGRIMMER dadurch aus der Masse auffallen."

"They confidently mix now blastbeats and traditional metal gallops (Barbarism Rises) and make seamless transitions between tremolo and rigid death marches (The Coffin Host). Taake and Windir still would have been proud of Augrimmer being able to capture truly Norsk feel with their riffs (Azure Doom), yet Nothing Ever Was has the band experimenting quite a bit more with ritualistic dark arts atmosphere, not being stuck in Northern desolation just for the sake of being truthful to facepaint makeup. [...] Heir of the Black Flame is Augrimmer standing at the edge of ritualistic traditional metal a la Mercyful Fate and black metal of the mid 90s."
(82/100 -

"Instead of sitting back being transfixed by cold and frosty lines AUGRIMMER offers up the warmth of head banging from a salvo of chunky riffs, galloping rhythms and a few atmospheric breaks in order to catch your breath. Vocalist Satan (yeeesss?) sounds like a younger Attila. There's a classic metal spirit that runs through all of these cuts yet it's still a blackened primordial aura that emanates from this. Nothing Ever Was is beautiful yet malicious like starring into the Black Forest."
(5/5 -

"Die Band ist prinzipiell und größtenteils schon eine Black Metal Band, aber mit so vielen Rock-Fäden, die ungemein geschickt ins Gesamtbild eingewoben werden, dass es eine wahre Freude ist. [...] Gefällt mir sehr gut - alle Ehre!"
(4/5 -