Ruines Humaines

NSP 038 :  Amesoeurs - Ruines Humaines MCD/10"/12"

Release date MCD: October 6th, 2006
Release date 10": March 23rd, 2007
Release date 12": November 23rd, 2018

"You know, this mcd is one of the only creations that I am proud of. I think metallers will appreciate Amesoeurs, even if there are
two completely different kinds of music on the same CD, because the 3 songs are linked by the same cold and depressive emotions.
For me it is a trilogy making the soundtrack of the absurd, sad and suffocating era we are living in; the metaphor of the modern world.
Everybody is concerned by it. The final chapter, "Faiblesse des Sens", is a sort of quiet conclusion, the last sigh before the fall."
(Neige of Amesoeurs/Alcest)

MCD released as normal version in jewel case and as
special edition in digipack, ltd. to 333 handnumbered copies.

10" released as normal version on black vinyl (ltd. 800) and as
special edition on white vinyl incl. logo patch, ltd. to 220 copies.

The vinyl version comes with different cover artwork.

The 12" vinyl reissue is identical to the 10" in terms of artwork/layout and music.
It comes on white/black splatter vinyl (ltd. 99, exclusive from NSP) and silver vinyl (ltd. 199).


1. Bonheur Amputé
2. Ruines Humaines
3. Faiblesse des Sens

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